Computer hall

the finalization of an incredibly important project

Anmchara is very excited for the opening of one of it's largest projects to date: the library! This beautiful building stands at the front gates of the school and is soon to be full of books and computers for the students and staff to use.


This building will include a large library space for students to read books and study with the opportunity to check out books to take home. This large main hall is multi-purpose as it can also be used for school assemblies and by the boarding students for evening prep.


The other rooms of the building will include a computer lab with 20 computers and a projector, and a science lab with microscopes and other tools. The building will also have 4 toilets for staff and students.

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The plans for a library started 8 years ago with a dream to provide students and children in the village with access to books and computers.


Unfortunately after the foundation and walls were installed, the building remained unfinished for many years. With the help from Roof4Ghana and We Felt That in Canada, Anmchara has been able to watch the building finally receive a roof over this past year.


This building is expected to increase the quality of education for students, and it will provide the teachers the tools they need to facilitate lessons on literacy, computers, ad science.


There are many great ideas for school events and educational programs to be run in this building.  


For more information or if you want to get involved with this project, please e-mail Franklyn (Project Manager)

or check out Roof4Ghana on Facebook and Instagram. 

the development of the project

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