Basic school

the place to start

Anmchara International School is made up of a Basic School and a High School. Within the Basic School there is a Nursery and Kindergarten block, a Primary block and a Junior High School block.


Anmchara has cultivated a culture of learning through both the school and the presence of the boarding house. Students have come from many surrounding communities to learn and grow. The students begin to arrive at the school around 6:00 am to get it ready for the day by sweeping and tidying the compound. Classes begin at 7:00am and run until 2:40pm.


Students often stay around the school playing, learning and talking
after school has ended for the day. 

Source: Private

Source: Private

In the evenings between 7:00-9:00pm the boarders attend ‘prep’,
which is a time to study and do homework.


Teachers will often return back to school for this time to help students with challenging work or to provide them with extra practice questions. As one walks through the school during evening prep one is often struck by the beauty of what this place has grown into. A group of buildings, yes. But it is so much more than that.


It is a place where people have gathered together with the purpose of learning. It holds the hopes and dreams and plans of so many young people and it is clear in these moments how committed the Anmchara community is working to fulfilling them. 


The Early Childhood Department is composed of a Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School. The children learn Creative Arts, Environmental Studies, Numeracy and begin the foundation of English language through language and Literacy. Primary runs from Grade 1 to Grade 6.


Anmchara International School is in the process of growing and expanding and the primary classes have been moved from the original plywood structure to permanent individual classrooms for each grade. The primary school has approximately 200 students who are instructed in English from the beginning of their schooling. They study Creative Arts, English, Mathematics, Integrated/Natural Science, Religious and Moral Education, Information and Communication Technology,
French and the local language, Dangme. 


Source: Private

Source: Private

Junior High School includes Form 1, 2, and 3 and has approximately 100 students. This is the period of school in which students prepare themselves to enter Senior High School.


They study more advanced topics in the same subjects as primary in addition to Basic Design and Technology and Social Studies. In all levels of Basic School the children also engage in sports and physical activity.


They play football, volleyball, table tennis and have field events.