Founding of the school

the dream of one single man

The Anmchara International School was founded in January

of 2002 by a Ghanaian man with a passion

for teaching and a desire to live a life of meaning.


Godwin Agudey worked for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the city of Tema for 2 years prior to the founding of the school. When he attended a funeral in Sega one day, he took note of all of the children running around the village with nothing to do.


Although the desire for education was there, the opportunity was not. Immediately Mr. Agudey set up a meeting with the village chiefs to discuss the possibility of providing education for the children.



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Godwin then resigned from his position with the Ministry of Agriculture, despite much resistance on their part, relocated to the small village of Sega, and began to teach. The 16 students that came on day 1 quickly grew to almost 100 within three months. The house he was using for his lessons was no longer sufficient, and he was provided with a plot of land on which to build a small school, consisting initially of only a few classrooms made of dried palm leaves and wood.


Little by little, with a lot of determination and incredible support from the local community, the school grew to what it is today and continues to grow daily. The Anmchara International School now consists of a permanent, 3 classroom nursery structure, a primary school for classes 1 to 6, a Junior and a Senior High School. 

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