set up a new home

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The boarding house has space for 120 girls and 90 Boys. The boarding facility has in-house teachers who supervise the day to day affairs of the students. A typical day for a boarding student starts with waking up in the dawn, taking a bath and getting dressed for school. But before the lesson starts the students help out and do some chores, such as cleaning their rooms or sweeping the compound. 


Then the school day with intensive learning awaits! In the afternoon after closing time there will be some time to relax and hang out with friends. For those who wants can precipitate in sporting activities, such as football or cadet training.


At six o'clock dinner is served and after that all students goes back to the classrooms to do homework and study before it is sleeping time.

During the weekends the days look a bit different. On Saturday mornings the students have time to wash their clothes and during the afternoon there is time to relax. In the Saturdays evenings some entertainment is arranged. Sundays are reserved for church service which is arranged at the school in the dinning hall. Prayers, song and music is then filling the air!


The boarding house will soon also house a sickbay. A program will be starting in the near future in which a nurse will visit the school twice weekly to provide check-ups to students, respond to any health needs, offer youth counselling and educate students on healthy living and positive lifestyles. This will help the children as they grow into mature adults to make good decisions for their futures.

Source: Private