Frequently asked questions

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Do I need previous teaching experience in order to teach at the Anmchara International School? 

No, the Anmchara International School does not require teachers to have formal teacher training or previous teaching experience. You must only have completed high school. Throughout Ghana, teachers are eligible to teach in primary schools with only a high school education.


Will I be provided with some kind of volunteer teacher orientation? 

There is no formal orientation, as new volunteers are coming in and out all the time, although volunteers are given the opportunity to sit in and observe classes for as long as necessary until they are ready to teach. There is also always somebody around who is willing to answer any questions, give advice, or help out in any way.


Will I be provided with a syllabus?

Yes, there are curriculum books for every subject that you will be permitted to keep with you throughout your stay in order to prepare for and conduct lessons. You are expected to bring your own supplies, such as pens and notebooks that you will need for preparing your lessons, as the school cannot afford to provide teachers with these means. Chalk is provided in every classroom.


What can I do when I’m not teaching (ie. afternoons and weekends)? 

After school you are free to do whatever you please (please see next question). On the weekends you are welcome to stay in Sega for a deeper experience of village life, but are also free to travel and experience different parts of Ghana.


What is a typical day like for volunteers? 

The school day begins at 8am (7am in the Junior Secondary School), so volunteers normally wake up between 5am and 7am, eat breakfast and bathe in the house, and then head to school. Depending on your responsibilities, your work-day may last from 1 to 6 hours. School closes at 2pm (3:00 in the JSS), at which time you are free to do as you please. Some volunteers prefer to go back to the house for a rest, while others spend their afternoons playing games with the children in the community. You may wish to go for a walk to find some solitude, visit or get to know nearby communities. You may also take the opportunity to visit your students outside of school, meet their families and see what their home life is like. Many volunteers spend their time outside of school learning to carry water, weave mats, pluck peppers, prepare Ghanaian foods and become actively involved in everyday village life.


How will I be able to communicate with my friends and family back home? 

There will be a phone in the house in which you are staying (or at least nearby), that your contacts back home may call you on at any time. You may also buy phone minutes and use this line to call out. There is currently also internet connection in Sega.