Senior high school

the place to develop

With qualified teachers and dedicated students the Anmchara Senior High School has become an attractive school in the Ada area, paving the way for the students to successfully be able to seek admission for university or set of their careers.


Anmchara Senior High School was first opened on the 13th September 2010. The establishment of the school became necessary when our Junior High School students produced 100% in the 2009 BECE. However, out of the total number of students who graduated, only 40% were able to make it to the Senior High School. A survey conducted proved that most parents couldn't afford boarding fees paid in the state schools. The need for additional Senior High Schools in the district became more apparent, hence the schools establishment in 2010 with the goal to also give these students a chance to education, as we believe education is the key to get out of poverty and to get a better life.


Anmchara International Senior High School believes that extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports are an important piece of a student’s education and development. Anmchara students have formed a number of clubs including; A journalism and media club, a debate team, a scripture union,a wildlife club and

a civic education club and new clubs are forming all the time.

The students also regularly engage in football and volleyball matches.

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what to learn

General Arts Business Home Economics   Visual Arts
English language Financial accounting Food and Nutrition Ceramics
Core mathematics Principles of cost accounting Management in Living Picture Making
Integrated science Economics Economics General in Art Drawing
Elective Literature Business Management Social Studies Handicraft