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The Anmchara International School maintains a volunteering program which is an integral part of the school curriculum and the community in Sega. Volunteers are set-up with teaching position based upon their expertise, personal interests and the school’s needs.


Volunteers are also encouraged to spearhead new projects such as teaching new and unique subjects, carrying out private learning sessions with the students or attending to the children’s needs in new and creative ways.


Volunteers are not only welcomed into the school, but are also invited to live as members of the community in which they are working. This fosters and maintains the connection and responsibility that the community has towards the school and its students.

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 The Anmchara International School is predominantly in need of volunteers to teach.  We don't require formal teaching qualifications nor previous teaching experience. We provide syllabus books for every class as an aid for volunteers and encourage them to sit in and observe classes and other teachers until they feel comfortable enough to teach themselves.


Along with teaching there are other duties that most volunteers become involved with including clerical duties, tutoring children after school or managing the library. 


 The school year in Ghana is divided into 3 terms. The first term extends from September to December, the second term from January to April and the third term from May to August. It is recommended to apply for an entire term; however, shorter stays are also warmly welcomed.

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