support a student

and make a difference

Some students have lost one or both of their parents, or are living under other circumstances that make
it very difficult for them to pay the school fee.


Many of the students have farmer parents with low income and often it is hard for them to get the financial situation
to go together, especially if they have many children
it can be hard to let all of them to go to school.


Quite a few students start school but then have to stop again to help their parents work on the fields for few months or a year, before they afford to start schooling again. This means that the students in the classes are of various age, depending on their level.

Source: Private

Source: Private


Would you like to help a student in need?

Please contact the school that can help pick out the most needy children.


Do not send any money directly to individual students.

The school has set up an account for this purpose. 


Preferably the payments are done by the start of the new school year (September) but other arrangements can also be set up.


You may also contribute with some money that can be split to help more than one student, as many families can pay part of the school fee, but might not reach up to the full amount.


The school thereby has tried to set up a fund to help those students that work hard and are motivated but who would drop out of school if they dont get some financial help. 


Contact the headmaster for more information!